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Hi, I am Dan.

Dan underwear

Until recently, men were depending on their partner to select and buy their underwear. However, nowadays men themselves are becoming more and more actively involved in deciding what they want to wear. They see the gadgets they wear more and more as a way of differentiating themselves of the pack and of adding their own personality. At the same time, the clothing they wear must be functional, comfortable and personal.

Dan Underwear combines all the above. In the Day, "D" men can now wear comfortable briefs, boxers or trunks. The special cut combined with high end materials and fabrics gives the necessary support and allows the guy to move around freely, regardless of his job or activity.

When changing in the locker room of the gym or sportsclub, the Dan man doesn't have to worry about the reactions of others: he is wearing stylish, modern and personalised underwear.


At Night, the "N", when he comes home to his partner, the joyful, colorful and playful designs of Dan Underwear gives him the necessary attention.

Dan Underwear, Day And Night comfort and pleasure.

The Company

Dan Underwear is a new European brand based in Hong Kong. Thanks to the collaboration of a group of entrepreneurs with designers from Europe and Asia, Dan Underwear offers you high quality and comfortable men's underwear reflecting personality and happiness with an ecologic touch.

Our men's underwear is much more than just a basic piece of clothing. Combining two experiential values - i.e. functional during the Day And emotional at Night - Dan makes your ordinary underwear look extraordinary in a sophisticated way.

In co-operation with specialist we have been able to design underwear that reaches beyond good-looking. The selection of fabrics used guarantees comfort in wearing by respecting the needs of your skin.

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